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In campaigning back in 2001, Jan adamantly opposed the United States becoming embroiled in a war in Iraq. She continues to oppose ill-advised military ventures.

Even back then, Jan identified the decline of the middle class as the primary socio-political issue of our times.

For longer than that, Jan has advocated for a single-payer national health insurance system (with healthcare delivery systems remaining privately controlled).

Jan supports bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and also supports universal background checks and closing the gun-show loophole.

Jan has forcefully opposed converting voucher system and likewise opposed privatizing Social Security or the Veterans Affairs Health Care System.

For all of her adult life, Jan has been a strong advocate for women’s rights (including reproductive rights and economic parity), for environmental protection and for constitutional equality.

NOT ONLY THE WEALTHY DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY: Preserve Medicare without conversion to a voucher system and without cuts in benefits; support the Affordable Care Act as a vital step forward, but move to a more efficient, less costly, voluntary Medicare for All insurance
program;; and fight for healthcare for veterans and military families, including protecting and improving the Veterans Health Administration.
OTHER ISSUES: Jan remains fervent about other issues as well. Please see our
“Issues” section and “Jan’s Opinion Pieces.”

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