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Jan Schneider is pro-choice and a fervent advocate of women regaining reproductive freedom and control of our bodies. She believes that Congress should immediately pass legislation restoring the standards of Roe v. Wade nationwide. She also believes that Congress should eliminate the Hyde Amendment prohibiting use of federal funds for abortions, which among other things discriminates against those dependent on Medicaid and other government-sponsored programs. Opponent Vern Buchanan (R-FL16) believes “every American, born and unborn, has the God-given right to life.” His repeated votes against ensuring access to abortion, rights to contraception, and other measures to improve women’s reproductive health consistently earn him an A+ on the National Pro-Life Scorecard.


Jan Schneider favors a comprehensive immigration bill containing additional funding for border protection agencies and officers; an efficient and fair process for considering asylum claims; a clearer standard for qualifying for asylum; strengthened provisions against trafficking of fentanyl and other drugs, human trafficking and currency smuggling; and assurances of humane treatment of asylum seekers. While she finds some provisions and some omissions objectionable, Jan would have voted for the early 2024 bipartisan Border Bill as a valuable step toward stemming the chaos at our southern border. Opponent Vern Buchanan has summarized his position on immigration/border issues as “No Amnesty. Secure the Border. Enforce the Rule of Law. Respect the Constitution.”


Jan Schneider, although socially progressive, is fiscally conservative. While steadfastly supporting balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, she opposes a Balanced Budget Amendment. Such a constitutional amendment would deprive federal policymakers of essential flexibility to address national security, economic and natural disaster emergencies and would give dangerous additional power to congressional extremists. Opponent Vern Buchananhas repeatedly fought for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Nevertheless, he was willing to plunge the federal government into default and financial chaos, voting with a minority of Republicans against the most recent bipartisan debt ceiling and spending cuts bill.


Jan Schneider recognizes that our federal and state governments are for sale – at huge price tags. She believes that Congress should undertake to reverse the Citizens United case and could support an amendment to make clear that the Constitution does not restrict the ability of Congress or states to propose reasonable limits on private campaign contributions and independent expenditures. Opponent Vern Buchanan has voted against campaign finance reform proposals and for making permanent the Trump tax cuts for the ultra-rich and wealthy corporations.


Jan Schneider has worked for the United Nations Environment Programme and will continue to fight for legislation to curb climate change. She supports a wide range of measures, starting with increased tax credits to encourage development of clean energy resources and technology to capture and store carbon emissions. Opponent Vern Buchanan has consistently opposed bills to control climate change. This included voting against the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, the most far-reaching United States legislation to reduce greenhouse gases pollution to date. His latest rating was 0% on the League of Conservation Voters Congressional Scorecard.


Jan Schneider opposes making permanent the disproportionate boons for the wealthiest few in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Instead, Jan wants fair taxes with no increases for the middle class; supports raising the federal minimum wage to a living wage; seeks greater security for working families; and favors fair trade measures protecting American industry, workers and the economy. Opponent Vern Buchanan has a net worth calculated to be as high as $160 million and is self-serving. He has repeatedly championed bills to make the Trump Tax Cuts permanent; sought and enjoyed forgiveness of over $2.3 million in 2020 Paycheck Protection Act loans; and consistently voted for policies and engaged in practices advantaging himself and other ultra-rich Americans.


Jan Schneider believes the 2023 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act represented an important step forward in improving firearms safety. Opponent Vern Buchanan voted Nay on that bill. He also voted against the 2021 Enhanced Background Checks Act, despite having previously backed a more expansive version.


Jan Schneider believes that not only the wealthy deserve to be healthy. She supports strengthening the Affordable Care Act and transitioning to Medicare for All. Opponent Vern Buchanan and his GOP cohorts, in contrast, seek to undermine the United States healthcare system still further. They want to dismantle Obamacare, turn Medicare into a “premium support”/vouchers system and drastically cut Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’, children’s and other healthcare funding.


Jan Schneider will fight against joblessness and for jobs with living wages. In particular, she supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15 over a period of three or four years and thereafter indexing it to inflation. Opponent Vern Buchanann voted to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 back in 2007, but he has thereafter opposed further increases, including in the pandemic relief package. The two also disagree on related issues, including tax policies, gender gaps and healthcare.


Jan Schneider is committed to sustaining Medicare and phasing in dental, hearing and vision coverage. She also supports transitioning to offering Medicare for All. Opponent Vern Buchanan has, in contrast, repeatedly voted effectually to privatize Medicare by converting to a voucher system devastating to seniors. Meanwhile, he represents a congressional district regularly ranked in the top ten or even five in terms of age and with nearly a quarter of its residents over 65.


Jan Schneider will energetically advocate in Congress for all available assistance to Port Manatee. Opponent Vern Buchanan has shown considerable interest in Port Manatee, but he voted against both the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (a/k/a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) and American Rescue Plan Act.


Jan Schneider supports raising the Social Security taxable maximum or “cap”, ceasing raiding the Trust Funds and implementing other financial measures to sustain the system. She opposes decreasing benefits or further raising the retirement age. Opponent Vern Buchanan, for his part, has repeatedly embraced proposals to make drastic cuts to Social Security, partially privatize the system and gradually increase the normal retirement age to 70.


Jan Schneider believes it crucial for the United States federal government, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in particular, to reexamine, redefine and balance U.S. priorities and activities in space. Opponent Vern Buchanan is not known to have opined much about space (or cyberspace) policies.


Jan Schneider will continue to fight for veterans and military families, including for: full funding of veterans’ healthcare, with mental health and women’s reproductive health coverage; veterans’ benefits, including under the 2022 Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act (PACT Act); additional assistance to homeless, unemployed and addicted vets; and assistance to military victims of sexual assault. Opponent Vern Buchanan has generally supported veterans and routinely stages photo opportunities with them. Surprisingly, however, he voted against the PACT Act.

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