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Jan Schneider has a record of fighting for veterans and for POW/MIAs (Prisoners of
War/Missing in Action). She will continue to do so.

Most Americans, politicians included, are committed to “fighting for,” “fulfilling our solemn
duty to” or “keeping the faith with” the courageous veterans who have fought for us. Jan, of
course, agrees that our veterans deserve quality, affordable and timely healthcare; prompt and
adequate compensation for service-related disabilities; educational assistance; aid in transitioning
to civilian life; good jobs; and protection from being targeted by predatory financial practices,
among other things. Likewise, we owe support to military families, including families of service
members, veterans, those in the National Guard and Reserves deployed overseas; and their

In the 21st century, the United States has failed our veterans in certain respects. Scandals have
plagued the overburdened Veterans Health Administration, leading to tragic consequences.
Veterans with service-connected disabilities have been disserved in having to wait many months
or years for the compensation to which they are entitled. Chronic problems — such as post-
traumatic stress disorder, suicides, traumatic brain injuries, depression, substance abuse,
homelessness and unemployment – have continued disproportionately to plague our vets. In
addition, the military in general has not yet caught up with the needs of the increasing numbers
of women in our armed services, including with respect to health care, reproductive freedom and
military sexual trauma.

On the positive side, however in August 2022, President Joe Biden signed the landmark
bipartisan Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address
Comprehensive Toxics Act into law. The PACT Act was the most significant expansion in
decades of benefits and services for veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic

Jan will continue to fight for veterans and military families, including for full funding of veterans’
healthcare, including mental healthcare; veterans’ benefits, including under the PACT Act; additional
assistance to homeless and unemployed vets; and assistance to victims of sexual assault. Opponent Vern
Buchanan (R-FL16) has generally supported veterans and staged many photo opportunities with them.
Surprisingly, however, he voted against the PACT Act.


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