Medicare is crucial to American seniors, and it is particularly important to the Florida 16th Congressional District as the second oldest in the country in demographic terms. Jan Schneider will fight for preservation of Medicare as we know it. In contrast, Representative Vern Buchanan (R-FL16) has voted at least half a dozen times to convert Medicare into a “premium support” a/k/a vouchers system. This would be disastrous for most seniors, and such a system would cost the average 65-year old twice as much for healthcare as under current Medicare.

The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have engaged in an assault on Medicare. Breaking an oft-repeated campaign promise, President Donald Trump sought to slash Medicare spending by $266 billion over a decade in his proposed budget for 2019. As a result of his proposed cuts, seniors and people with disabilities would face prodigious new obstacles in accessing healthcare. In his sham American Patients First Plan, Trump even broke his campaign promise to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. Seniors lose again.

But more important for present purposes is conduct of Rep. Buchanan. As already indicated, he voted repeatedly to voucherize Medicare. Buchanan also voted in committee and the full House of Representatives to inundate our country with more debt in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in order to fund tax $1.5 trillion in tax boons for the ultra-rich (like himself) and wealthy corporations. He then turned around and shortly thereafter voted for a Joint Resolution (H.R. Res.2) proposing a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution. By requiring the federal government to spend no more than it takes in in a given year, such an amendment would be disastrous for crucial social programs, including effectively stealing the Medicare, and Social Security trust funds.

In contrast, Schneider is for seniors. VoteJan – For Your Health!