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Jan Schneider will fight to protect the health of all Americans.  We should all have a right to quality, affordable, accessible healthcare.

Medicare-for-All is a single-payer system in which the United States federal government would administer healthcare financing, but delivery of care and medical infrastructure would remain privately or locally-controlled.  Congress should consider moving toward such a system and also expanding dental, vision and hearing benefits under current Medicare.

Meanwhile, Congress must bolster, not undermine, the Affordable Care Act of 2010.  The ACA, also known as “Obamacare”, was a major and increasingly popular step forward in expanding health insurance coverage.  Nevertheless, former President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress engaged in a sustained campaign of sabotage of the ACA, the most far-reaching step being repeal of the individual mandate in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018.

Meanwhile, the U.S. healthcare system is sick.  According to most recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development statistics, our country remains first by far among the 38 members in healthcare spending.  We spend 16.6% of gross domestic product, well above number two Germany at 12.7 and the OECD average at 9.2%.  The U.S. is also the highest per capita spender at about $12,500 annually, with Switzerland next at about $8,0000 and the OECD average at $5,000.  Nevertheless, the U.S. ranks very low on health status indicators.  We are down in the lowest ten in terms of life expectancy at birth and way up near the top on infant mortality.

Also, Americans pay two to three times as much as people in other countries for prescription drugs, and many Americans cannot afford essential medications. Proposals to deal with the excessive costs of prescription drugs have included allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, making Medicare Part D plans more affordable and authorizing importation of eligible prescription drugs from Canada and other industrial countries.  Jan also maintains that Americans deserve fair and affordable drug prices.

Jan believes not only the wealthy deserve to be healthy.  Opponent Vern Buchanan (R-FL16) and his GOP cohorts, in contrast, seek to undermine the U.S. healthcare system still further.  They want to turn Medicare into a “premium support”/vouchers system and are pressing for drastic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’, children’s and other healthcare funding.


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